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Phil Comstock

have several hp 12c's and use them all! one of mine has switched to a comma instead of a period

Can't for the life of me remember how to reset it to note the decimal point for cents.

thanks to anyone who knows.... and answers via email.


Hi there, I'm a grade 12 Geometry and Discrete High School Student, and for a project I have decided to do it on Reverse Polish Notation and its importance to the world of mathematics. would anyone be able to help me with some ideas, or input, or even some great sites that could help me out a little, any or all assistance is greatly appreciated. please contact me at robyntrew@hotmail.com or roby6730@mail.scdsb.on.ca

Thank you so much.

Yours truly, Robyn Trew.

Different River



I have owned an HP-45, HP-10C, HP-15C, HP-16C, and an HP 32S II. I still have all but the 15C. A thing wonderful reverse Polish is.

david radulski

I am convinced that all the really cool people are hp 12c users. And that you can tell the really coolest of the cool because the corners of their hp 12cs have teeny tiny little tooth marks where the users put their 12cs in their mouths while they tried to erconcile their calculations on paper.



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