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Good day! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be okay. I'm absolutely enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.


I've always said the first thing a socialist has to accomplish to keep the peasants in line, is to squash individuality. Looks like they're starting early. Text like this isn't education, it's conditioning. They're training servants, servants to be ruled by an elite class (who are individualist by the way), a modern day feudal society.

Looks like this lowly peasant is one step closer to being a societal outlaw. Oh well, lock and load, come and get me.


The Seattle Public Schools' Definition of Racism ins't just a few billion light-years off-base, it's also written in abysmally poor English for which, in my school years when scholarship - and not self-esteem - was the goal of educators and education, I'd have failed English.

I could write a book on the pathetic state of education in what is no longer a United States that I recognize to be worthy of that once justly proud name. Among very few others, Diane Ravitch and Christina Hoff-Sommers have written such books whose wise, powerful truths have, I'm sad to say, been ignored. Our nation's - and indeed the world's - most terrible peril is within our borders in the form of the deliberately denounced and rejected ideals and disciplines which had in fact assured its former greatness and its hitherto unmatched worth and goodness.

In both craven families and worthless schools the wind has for some decades been and is nowadays being sown, and as surely as night follows day the whirwind will follow and consume our nation, and with it Civilization. Like it, or not, with the demise of authentic scholarship and its prizing of truth and candor, the United States and the whole world are on the cusp of "a new dark age made more sinister and protracted by the lights of perverted science."


Neal Boortz is frequently called a racist on his radio show, so he always asks the caller to define "racist." (Of course, he has the proper definition memorized from the dictionary--someone who believes that one race is superior to another.) The callers never, I mean never, define racist correctly. Liberals just love to change word meanings to suit their agenda. I guess it comes from a famous leader who said, "That depends upon what the definition of is is."

Just me

What amazes me is that someone out in Seattle is apparently getting paid to write crap like this. And if it's a large public school system, it's probably an administrator who is getting paid handsomely. It seems to me that anyone making a living out of doing nothing constructive whatsoever, ought to just shut up and think to his/herself, "what a country!"


Emphasizing individualism over collectivism is a sign of racism? Good grief -- this is beyond frightening, Tom -- it's Orwellian and evil.

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