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We love the things...my family went camping last weekend and that's one of the stops we make.

Karen S

How could I have forgotten to mention PastyFest?!? It's the place to be on the Keweenaw Peninsula beginning this Friday evening (June 30th) and continuing all day Saturday (July 1st) in Calumet, U.P. Michigan.

Who could possibly resist an appearance by Nyt Naura with the Suomalainen Sisters, games such as the Rutabaga Shotput, and pasties, pasties, pasties!

Now that's a party, eh!

Karen S

Pasties rule!

On a personal note: my husband & I (both yooper wannabes) have developed a loyalty to Pasty Central. Their pasties are a project of Still Waters Assisted Living Community in Calumet, and sales help support the facility.

And even for those who don't like pasties or have a different favorite source for them, Pasty Central is still a great way to experience the U.P. via its daily feature known as the PastyCam!

Suffice it to say that no day begins in our household without visits to both Tom McMahon and the PastyCam!

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