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Well... You really shouldn't try to get into the head of an over-the-top liberal or conservative. The things extremists on either side believe will make your head explode. Very few people subscribe to all those ideas Burt mentions --many self-described liberals would disavow them. That being said, there is an enormous majority somewhere between the extremes and we have a diversity of opinions. If political discussion could just move back towards center and stop focusing on our differences, the nation could have some interesting debate on issues like health care.


I'd probably say most liberals are enamored with it (I'm not, though) for the same reason most conservatives went after Hillary Clinton's healthcare initiative; because neither side really knows much about how healthcare works in America. I'm kind of an insider; I see benefits from both proposals, and I see the negatives from both proposals. Truthfully, probably what this issue needs is a little bit more moderation of thought; but it's not going to happen.

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