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Bob Legionaire

Tom:Leanord Maltin is on target. My fist Hollywood agent handled Benson Fong, #1 son of Charlie Chan when played by an Irish actor J. Carroll Nash. Today Shakespeare would have big trouble writing
Their credits appear on IMDB.com (Internet movie data base)Love your stuff Cheers, Bob Legionaire


whats wrong with this world today.we need to kill off everyone and start over again.


Well, if it weren't the Asians protesting, it would be Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Charlie Chan had a black chauffeur and assistant named Birmingham Brown, who created laughs when he acted scared in a sterotypical fashion of that era.

Andrea Harris

This guy is spamming all the blogs.

Back to the subject: I loved the Charlie Chan movies too. Apparently I was supposed to grow up thinking Asians were... whatever, inferior? but instead I grew up having massive crushes on Asian actors and becoming a real fan of Asian culture. I used to check out all the books in the library on China, Japan, and the rest of the area, and anytime a movie came on that features Asian actors I had to watch it. And Hawaii 5-0 was my favorite show. Somehow all of this is supposed to indicate my native whitegirl prejudice. Well it does -- I remain favorably prejudiced towards Asian culture.

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