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Maybe we should hate Black girls, "African American women in this study were 7 times as likely as white women and 8 times as likely as Hispanic women to be HIV-positive" (from the CDC website.

Or maybe we should just hate all Black people, "African Americans were disproportionately affected by HIV infection, accounting for 55% of all HIV infections reported among persons aged 13–24" (also from the CDC)

Hating people who have AIDS/HIV is ridiculous, be they gay men, young black women, black men or anyone else.

The fact isn't that AIDS should get less, but that other diseases should get more. Not only that, but AIDS/HIV is preventable and much of the money goes towards preventing it's spread.

Just asking if we should hate gay people (and I assume you mean gay men) because AIDS/HIV has a large percentage of money spent on it show an extreme ignorance of the societal implications of this disease.

The commenter talking about children getting AIDS/HIV through transfusions is living in the 1980's. Blood has been screened for about 20 years now. There are NO children who have AIDS/HIV from blood transfusions. Anyone who contracted AIDS that way in the US would be at least 20 years old.

There are however thousands of children living with AIDS/HIV because they contracted it from their mother before or during birth. I would love to hear how you blame THAT on gay men.

AIDS/HIV hasn't been a "gay" disease for 15 years! AIDS/HIV is a disease that affects everyone.


Over-funding for AIDS is clearly a political decision to appease activist homosexuals. Drug users, the other predominant carriers of AIDS, don't have much of a lobby.

It was bogus for those wanting AIDS funding to use a child as their "cover boy" to raise awareness. Children were at risk by those who donated tainted blood.

I don't hate homosexuals. I do disagree with the politics of those who are vocal along with their Hollywood supporters, and I beleive that it is a terrible mistake to take funding from cancer, heart disease, etc. to fund research into something that is mainly spread by a lifestyle, which could be moderated more cheaply if only people would admit that anal sex with multiple partners is not healthy.


Of course it would be wrong. Not everyone with HIV is gay, and not all gay people have HIV. Then again, the fact that it would be wrong hasn't stopped millions from already hating gays.

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