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I just realized I'll still be typing next week if I keep talking about the great stuff we've gotten, so I'm going to list it!


Do FDR supporters really believe what's happening in Greece won't happen here when it's time to pay the liberal piper?


How about:

Lyndon Johnson - Worst president.

Not quite. Read the book "New Deal or Raw Deal" by Burton W. Folsom.

In 1939, SecTreas Morgenthau met with democrats on the House Ways and Means committee. He was deeply worried about the economy. Since 1933 the U.S. government had spent tens of billions of dollars in new deal programs but the unemployment rate in 1939 was worse than it was in 1931 -- before FDR took office! His concern was about future generations being saddled with extra debt and not having anything to show for it. In other words, socialism doesn't work. Are you listening, Barry?

Unfortunately, that misguided belief in socialism is our legacy; we suffer from it to this very day. I'd say that makes FDR the worst.


Barack Hussien Obama: Or Barry Soetoro. Who knows?

Barack Hussien Obama: Spends millions hiding birth records.


How about:

Lyndon Johnson - Worst president.

Richard Nixon - Destroyed self cleaning up LBJ's mess.

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