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Matt Minue

I was there when that happened! I was going to a music lesson at the Academy of Music store right down the street. It was pretty crazy that day!


I got to thinking about the weight. That seems like too much for that tower section.

The Comedian

How long does a windmill have to run to make back the energy represented in a 62 ton section of its support tower?

I don't know the answer, but I think it would be informative.


In doing a double take on the tower above, wouldn't it have been easier to turn it slightly and just say that it's a new tunnel in town?


In Birmingham, trucks kept dropping giant steel coils weighing thousands of pounds on the interstates, so the State reduced the speed limits in that area to reduce those problems. Nothing can spoil a day worse than having a steel coil land on your car.


Gosh, that looks familiar.

Oh yeah... Those windmills sat on the Port of Milwaukee for months.

Now I know where they ended up.

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