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Remove it from the loud sound described as among the People of the individual during sleep, especially in the medical sense, the most common cause of snoring soft palate observed in adults, little more than normal growth of the tongue, the muscles sag and tension and blockage of the airway during sleep, losing little of the language titresmesidi


what a load of crap, as a Canadian
I understand there are some drawbacks - but at least we all have access and don't have to cash in our life savings to get treatment -

My father who had a heart valve replaced,
and later had a defibrillator put in & had to go on dialysis.. how much did it cost? nothing - other than the $40 /mth he had been paying. We don't get the bill.

And we don't have insurance denying coverage because we didn't declare we had 'acne' a pre-existing conditions.
Or for that matter hospitals dumping patients who can't pay the bill on the street..

And Canadians life expectancy is on average 3 years more than Americans..
the US spends the most by far for medical care but doesnt get much for it.
(judging by average life expectancy and health)

as far as Canadians heading south - sure if they got the money - but how many busloads of US seniors come to Canada to buy the cheaper drugs..

The US system primarily enriches the insurance industry and pharmaceuticals.


Oh I don't know if old MM is such a bad guy. personally, I think ya ought to be friends since fat ugly guys with lame ass hats ought to stick together


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