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Craig Herbertson

Huge hit in Scotland too. "Painful Death" was the one to own.


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Andy McLeod

Yes, the cards smelt of bubble gum - memories from the nose! I also remember the WW2 series that followed and the bubble gum inside those had a distinct cinnamamon flavour. - Andy UK.


I have the full set plus the money and the book they went in. I have seen the chase card not marked go for £90 on ebay

Mark, Northampton UK

Thanks for putting up the pictures of the cards. Yes, they were a big hit with us English kids in the 1960's much to my mother's disgust!! I loved and was horrified by the blood and gore. 'Wheel of death' stuck in my mind and as Andy says in an earlier post, the cards came with, and smelt of bubble gum. You also got a big copy of a Confederate dollar or the like. I'm not sure if they they were eventually banned due to their gory nature, but I also remember a WW2 series which was equally gruesome.

genaro hernandz

Dear Sir,

I am looking to purchase the tops 1958-1962 civil war tradeing cards.I owned a full set of them when i was a child.They were destoryed in a flood in Lackawanna N.Y. In 1964. I remenber them all like it was yesterday. If you could find the time help thank you. Genaro

Nancy Valdes

What are they worth that people talk about these cards so much. Please respond via email beatonlexie@aol.com subject civil cards

davey mitchell

thanks to ebay I have re-discovered my long lost civil war cards to which my mother thru out 30 yrs. ago. I have only had a compt. for 6mos. and found ebay 2wks. ago I could not believe it!!there they were. feel like a kid again and its going to stay that way..been bidding ever since...davey


I still have mine, although I never did get the complete set. I occasionally bid on ebay for sets, but the prices soon exceed my budget. The cards did instill in me a life long interest in the conflict, and I can proudly claim to be a bit of an anorak!
Favourite card? Has to be "Painful Death" showing a horseman being impaled as he falls.


Yo! I live in England and I remember those american civil war cards! Me and my mates used to swap them on the way to school. The colourful pictures were great to look at and my favourite (always remembered this one)was 'Friendly Enemies'. They were sold with bubble gum -that tasted good too!
Great memories.
Andy. UK.


There’s nothing that I love more then a deck of mint condition vintage trading cards. There is something so homely and nostalgic about it my heart almost skips a beat. But I will admit I’m a sucker for newly packaged fresh out of the wrapper trading cards. There’s something about the smell of paper that can get a kid week in the knees, haha. There is new deck of trading cards that are out called Hollywood Zombies that are made by the same folks that did the Garbage Pail Kids! You will be interested in them because they are hilarious and the art is amazing. They take A-list celebs, and even some B-listers, and draw them out to be the living dead. For a good laugh check out http://www.hollywoodzombies.com I just wanted to share this with you guys because I work with them!

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