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Tom McMahon

In our Two Parallel Worlds, I think any argument that is considered a refutation in one would automatically implode in some sort of weird electron-positron annihilation in the other.


If you consider this refutation, it's a good thing you are not competing in debate.

Dave Munger

7 - Double the income of every American and you double the gap between the rich and the poor (500-100=400; 1,000-200=800) Is this a bad thing?

30 - Causation and what we should do about it are things we DON'T need evidence for, we can just assume.

31 - All those business interests who only care about the bottom line and have the Republicans in their pockets? They DON'T actually generate more profit do to the kinds of policies they support.

36 - ... so instead we petitioned the State to have it force other people to do it against their will, in the least efficient way known to man.

37 - Not as good as taking credit when your kids turn out right.

40 - If they fund someone else's pet theory instead of mine, it's a WAR ON SCIENCE!!!!!!

48 - But only if they have proper class consciousness, otherwise they are traitors.

50 - Hang on, I'm trying to write this down, "Taking other people's stuff away from them without their permission, not at all troublesome morally..." Go on.

51 - Which is why conjoined twins born in America are always jetted down to Venezuala to be seperated.

52 - True, he's no Thomas Sowel.

53 - Janet Reno, on the other hand...

54 - Said the guy who's got all the same basic political convictions he formed in Junior High.

55 - When people speak of "the institution of marriage", they don't mean "the personal relationship between my wife and I". Some students of history believe that there are such things as venerable societal institutions, which may be inadvertently harmed by well intentioned government tampering.

56 - Solution: Higher taxes.

57 - "Congress shall make no law.." = "Certain religious observances shall be forbidden in certain venues", am I getting this all down right?

58 - ... which only applies when it conflicts with national security interests, or in cases of certain types of infanticide.

61 - Thanks for reminding me that Nixon was pretty left-wing himself.

62 - But dissent is patriotic. Inherently, without regard to context. Except during a Clinton presidency.

63 - So it wouldn't be fair not to give Iran a chance.

65 - Unless you are also a professional athelete.

68 - TRUE conservatives fanatically insist that institutions which pre-date all governments be drastically altered by legislative decree, without first discussing whether there may be any unintended consequences to such a policy, because "equal treatment under the law" means "equal access to scarce material goods" like entitlements, insurance and stuff". Which is why it is unconstitutional for anyone to get tax breaks that everyone dosen't get.

69 - But not legal immigrants, naturalized citizens, English speaking Asians and Europeans, assimilable African refugees, or overtaxed hot Scandinavian models. Just tuberculotic Hondurans who will never be allowed to vote, to be used as serfs.

70-78 - Political posturing counts just the same as actually practicing these virtues, right?


Fred thinks toilet paper is brilliant, being full of it, you know.

Tom, they're mildly amusing. I have an issue with number 43. I don't recall George being impeached, yet, though he has been wrong on nearly everything.

FYI: I have a brother named Tom, and he has a pacemaker. Weird synchronicity going on here.


I feel like I just watched a Guiness commerical...


I do find it amazing that this crowd is still grousing about the whol gay marraige thing. In a year when Dawn Marie Sass wins all Democratic ideas had their best chance ever.

This idea lost, look at your own party faithful for the blame. Amazing how they only have concern for anything with an (R) after their name.

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