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Tom McMahon

Love that New Tone of Civility!!

jimmy jones

Karl's my friend and ten times the man you'll ever be, you little cunt.Kind, generous, and decent to a fault, and has the courage to live in Madison. Eat the horse cum out of your dead mother's asshole, you shriveled fucking severed foreskin.


It was okay to be a militant to the bullshit of Vietnam and the other social problems here in the '60's. It was okay to spit, swear and throw rocks at the cops and guard. It was also okay to do what K. Armstrong and his band of Rainbow Idiots did in the name of his ideals (though I personally didn't agree with). BUT WHEN THE COPS AND GUARD SPIT, SHOT AT, BUSTED HEADS WHAT THE SAM HELL DID THEY (ARMSTRONG IN PARTICULAR)THINK? THEY WANTED REVOLUTION BUT CRIED FOUL WHEN THEY GOT THE CONSEQUENCES! And worse yet that Fucker K. Armstrong was and is apologetic for the results of his deliberate actions when he placed that bomb in the building. What a fucking pussy! He wasn't the only one most all of the other assholes that talked tough shit were nothing but middle upper class spoiled brats. Fuck 'em All.

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