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wow you got totally bombed with leftist know nothing idiots.

typically they are stage one thinkers who cant see the real world or how it works.


Thanks for refusing to post my shit asshole.


You can't classify all of Islam as evil.


You seem to forget that Christianity is supposed to be about peace and loving. You're the most horrible kind of "Christian" there is, God doesn't like you and there is no place for you in heaven. Hope you enjoy burning in hell!


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Kenan Jabr

You are by far the most insolent man to walk this Earth. You know nothing, absolutely nothing, of the Islamic faith! I pity you, and encourage you to keep your idiocy since you obviously missed the entire message of the bumper sticker. I really do feel superior to you, so I thank you, good sir. Ignorance is bliss, right? Have fun in hell.

Joyce Felton

MarkJ on 11/16--I think you need to buy a dictionary. Start by looking up secular and religious. mischief on 11/16--Idon't quite get why you enjoy being offensive. Grandma Cool

Fuck You

Dude your a straight up racist, as bad as it gets here. All of these people are a bunch o pussy, i'll say what they should have. FUCK OFF JACKASS!


I really didn't think that there was a large poulation in the united states that held beliefs that hatered should be dominant over love and we should kill off those who don't agree, but I just found their blog. Let me ask yall one question. Did it ever occur to you that by killing everyone of the Muslim religion, we become the Nazis you all hate so much? Why must you refuse to agree to disagree and live peacefully? Does your life HAVE to include hatred?


this is seriously ridiculous, as i read more comments, it's just ridiculous. these symbols are all important to different people, all coming together, by rejecting it, you reject the idea of peace, that no matter what religion, ethnicity etc, we can get along. to teach our children peace. get a grip on life, you're the kind of people that are ripping the good soul out of humanity.


oh my god. the nerve of people. Really. We've come this far to stereotype people. Please get a life. Coexist is a meaningful symbol of peace, that everyone can harmoniously live together. This is ridiculous. With an attitude like that, you're causing more damage then them, way to rip the world apart. You give American's a terrible name, and I for one am ashamed.


Honestly, Rebecca, I wouldn't even try to argue with these people. Obviously they have been indoctrinated from a young age and are, unfortunately, 100% ignorant. Be like me and ignore, you know you're smarter than they are anyway :)


If these people only knew that their little coexist religious inter-faith-ism was prophesied not just 2000 years ago in revelation but also 2600 years ago in Daniel, they still wouldn't get it. revelations depicts massive plagues that will strike mankind and still man will refuse to accept the one true God. Just get a bumper sticker and a sharpie and mark out the other symbols. and see how they co-exist then I bet we get told we're number one a lot.


Just read this in passing: [posted by Rebecca] "Also, to a larger extent the problem with Islam is that you have a large uneducated population that will be blindly led by extremists."

You could also say the same for christians. Think about it.

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