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Tom McMahon

BK, sorry to break this news to you but your peace-loving comrades have already bombed Madison.


Holy shit. I love this bumper sticker - love what it symbolizes: Hope for humanity and peace for our children. I never thought it would engender such rage!

It's obvious to me that the people calling Liberal people "hippies, fags, commies" etc. are terrified of the world they live in. Don't worry, no one's gonna bomb Madison! LOL.

I live in NYC and love it. We actually DO have to coexist with people from different races and religions. And coming from a place like NYC it's very clear to me that many people writing their hateful comments here have no real experience living with people different from themselves. I suggest traveling more and spreading hate less.


So, is this just that obnoxious that it fills all 10 slots somehow? Are there 10 people total in Madison that have this sticker? Or are you just a lazy fuck and forgot to include the other 9?

I lol'd

Haw haw, this bumper sticker has a Mulsim symbol, so leftist fags who are also Nazis and Communists must be the people who buy it!

Oh, they must be DRUG ADDICTS, too, right? Why not replace the T with a syringe? Since OBVIOUSLY no self-respecting Christian would have such a ridiculous sticker. OH! And replace the ying-yang with a Scientology symbol! Because they're all about that hippy tolerance!

And maybe you should rearrange the letters. I mean, Islam beside Peace is just silly. Ceoxist? Cexisto?

John Lemi

Wow, u guy think th coexist bumper sticker is really that bad, i think some of u just have had bad encounters with people with that specific sticker, i think its pretty cool!!



Tom McMahon

So what you're saying, Elizabeth, is that nobody who disagrees with you has an open mind? That attitude seems like the closed mind to me! :-)


The overall negative comments about this sticker just confirm my enjoyment of another one, which goes, approximately "your mind is like a parachute; it only works when it's open". Can't see many open minds on this website.


No he didn't, does the The Qur'an? Or should I say, are there people that will exploit this side of the religion? Congratulations, your not involved with the .001 percent that is dangerous and extreme. Unfortunately it only takes that percent to destroy the lives of the innocent. Ask the people around the world who live in fear of these people, if they think terrorist want to "coexist". As for the name calling, I guess when you don't have a viable argument in support of terrorism, you name call.


I was once a Muslim and know many of them. Me nor one of them is dangerous. People like you who want to support hate are dangerous. What's so bad with coexisting? Remember in the Bible when Jesus said "Kill the nonbeliever" Oh yeah he never said that you fucking idiot.


bev, your not seriously suggesting that terrorism is somehow justified? If terrorist wouldn't act as they do, we wouldn't have to react in such a over powering way. Diplomacy will not work with the extremest. I saw that in Korea they are expecting a missile attack from the north. What do you suggest we do there? Oh yeah, thanks to bubba clinton, they now have nuclear weapons.

Tom McMahon

Bev, I think you've flung enough venom and nasty words for the both of us.

Bev B

I stumbled across this site while looking for a "Coexist" bumper sticker, never expecting to read such imbecilic trash.
Encouraging peace is a BAD thing? Seems like the right-wingers must LOVE war, but we even have to coexist with them. How they see themselves as being any different from radical Islamists is curious at best.
On second thought, no COEXIST sticker for me -- there's a Christian cross at the end, and we all know the history of tolerance in THAT faith.
BTW, have you ever read Bin Laden's letter stating where he got the idea for the 9/11 bombings? Seems he was witness to the U.S. bombing of Lebanon from offshore, hitting tall apartment buildings that crumpled up into heaps of burning rubble, and burying, among others, babies and children. And we wonder why these people hate us?
The witless response of your precious Dubya is to allow the perp. to escape into Afghanistan, instead invading Iraq (DUH!) and NEEDLESSLY maiming and killing our soldiers, while allowing Bin Laden to regroup and expand. So, we're not only hated by our enemies, we've lost the respect of our friends.
Go ahead, fling your venom and nasty words my way. At 60 years of age, I've heard it all and remain unimpressed.
I lived through the quagmire that was Vietnam, only to see TWO quagmires -- Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe we don't learn by our mistakes because we're too arrogant to recognize and admit them?


To coexist peacefully is a bad thing?

The message is for ALL to coestist, its not saying 'accept being blown up they are people too', its saying that islamic radicals should STOP blowing people up because of racism, and coexist peacefully with people of all religions. I think you are taking your frustration out on your own side. Maybe you wouldn't make a ditsy bumper sticker about it but your view is the same as the bumper sticker creator's.

Tom McMahon

Thanks for raising the level of discourse, Asia.

Asia Berns

you are a cunty dick. radical anything is evil, not just Muslim. What about the radical Christians blowing up your local abortion clinic? Just like how every pro-life supporter isn't lighting dynamite off in their neighborhood hospitals, not every Muslim is a radical plane hijacking terrorist. Get a grip you ignorant fuck.

Tolerant to a Point

Religion and politics are both creations of man designed to bring together those of a like mind on a few points. More men have died in the name of God (my god - not yours) followed only by deaths in the name of freedom (my country - not yours). I like coexist because it points out the folly of our convictions, especially when those convitions are based on a unique doctrine of faith that we just made up because we think it is the will of God. Truth be told - we really don't know the will of God but we are too ignorant to admit it to the point we will kill someone that doesn't adhere to our own vision of God.


The idea of coexist is to be tolerant of other religions, cultures and people. You don't need to agree or accept other people's values or way of life, but instead learn live your life, let others live theirs and most of all, live together. The sad part is, this sticker exists because of people like you and ideas like the ones you have expressed. Yes, it is your right but it's exactly the cause of the condition of our world today.

The idea that all Islamic followers want to kill all non islamic believers is completely ignorant. You are right about one thing- there are extremist groups out there who do believe this but what you fail to see is you are grouping ALL Islamic followers in this category. That is just like grouping all people of Christian faith in with the Christian Extremist, like Fundamentalist or Evangelicalism. Needless to say, not all Christian followers believe the things these Christian groups do.

Your notion that Islam "must be destroyed" puts you in the exact same category as those hijackers, as well as the ideas of Nazism. You may choose to reject this idea but don't take offense, and please try to realize that your hateful words are parallel with these groups you show such strong distaste for.

Despite liking or disliking the beliefs and ideas in the Koran (or the bible for that matter), you don't have to like or agree with any of these, but respect the right that others have to follow and believe what they wish. Beliefs that extremist Islamic groups hold (or other extremists groups hold) can and have been harmful to others and that's where this place of hate and these harmful words you write come from. Rise above. Don't tear down the positive idea and movement coexist seeks to accomplish.


The issue with the recent bombings now in Mumbai makes us all aware that terrorism is indeed a global problem. However, if we "go after" all muslims, we will most certainly miss the boat. By making enemies out of vast majority of non-radical non-violent muslims, we will continue and worsen the problem. I believe the coexist bumper sticker is an attempt to ease tensions and focus on our similarities rather than our differences. There are plenty of "terrorists" in any religion.


You Bastard

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