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Just consider this: Would an FBI agent have been allowed to reveal information that would cause serious embarrassment to the US government? Of course not! Kessler confirms that Piro's account was vetted in advance by the Director of the FBI.

All this convoluted nonsense about Saddam having fooled the US into invading Iraq is just the latest official American cop-out. It is contradicted by Saddam's own public statements before and after the invasion. Saddam did not always co-operate fully with the UN weapons inspections teams during the 1990s because he knew they had been infiltrated by the CIA. Former UN Inspectors have confirmed that Iraq would have been given a clean bill of health in the mid 1990s had it not been for US pressure.

Other claims made in Piro's account are equally self-serving. How convenient that Saddam is no longer around to refute them!


Exactly what I told anyone who'd listen in 2003, *before* we invaded Iraq. Of course, I don't know anyone in government, so my thoughts don't count for much, but surely there were others thinking the same thing, in a position to influence policy?

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