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He said take our lives not wives

MBT Online

I just realized I'll still be typing next week if I keep talking about the great stuff we've gotten, so I'm going to list it!

ugg outlet

AGGGHHHH!!! I missed it all AGAIN. You need to give a clue, as to when you're going to post your stash!


a mistake : they may take our lives not wives lol

Tom McMahon

Charlie Sykes uses little sound clips like this one on his Milwaukee radio show. The first time I heard the Braveheart clip I wasn't sure if Mel Gibson was saying "lives" or "Wives". "Lives", of course, is the correct answer; "wives" would indeed make it a Scottish Henny Youngman. So I made up the Braveheart post, and since nobody caught it I made up the JFK leaving the man on the moon post.


Now I get it, Tom:

"Take my wife, please"

Henny Youngman died 10 years ago, 2-24-98.

It's a little of hard to recognize the Braveheart misquote if you've seen the movie, as "Prima Noctis" is a significant plot point. Or was that part of your inspiration?

Tom McMahon

Read it carefully . . .

Pete Fanning

We need the music in the background too :)

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