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knowing everything of something.


I don't think it would have been that bad for Collins had he have to leave alone because there was no other choice. It's the guilt of not knowing if there was something you could have done that's agonizing.


I caught it as well. Funny thing is, I actually had a dream two nights ago I was an astronaut, on the moon with other people. I felt VERY claustrophobic in the dream, knowing the spacesuit was all that separated me from death.

Odd dream.


This is rather interesting! I just finished re-reading "Carrying the Fire" by astronaut Michael Collins.

Leaving the astronauts on the moon was a very real concern during Apollo. There was only one engine on the LM ascent stage and there was a lot of talk about what to do if it didn't work. The answer was, Collins was to leave Armstrong and Aldrin on the moon and come home. There really wasn't anything else he could do.

Boy, talk about survivor guilt! It would have been absolute torture to live with that.

Tom McMahon

Charlie Sykes uses little sound clips like this one on his Milwaukee radio show. The first time I heard the Braveheart clip I wasn't sure if Mel Gibson was saying "lives" or "Wives". "Lives", of course, is the correct answer; "wives" would indeed make it a Scottish Henny Youngman. So I made up the Braveheart post, and since nobody caught it I made up the JFK leaving the man on the moon post.


Whew... I caught that one too. Was afrraid it *wasn't* a misquote :)

Tom McMahon

Yes it is. It's been three weeks and nobody's caught the one in the Braveheart post (in the Humor category).

Nick, you get 100 Bonus Points and immunity in the next Challenge.


"Leaving him there"?! Is this a test to see who can pick this out as a misquote?

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