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Juicy Bags

Americans ever to die in a terror incident outside the U.S. and the deadliest one-day toll for Marines since Iwo Jima in WW II--- not many liberals or conservatives, Left or Right, will want to look too closely at the facts.


There's been alot of excitement about electing the first Black President. However, I've read quite a bit that says he isn't. I'd like to know the truth. One, I've read that his father was mostly Arab, making our president only 6% Black. And Thomas Jefferson,
Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren Harding and Calvin Coolikge were also part black. what do you think?





anti-flag anti-christ

What does it matter what religion you are? Isn't that why our four fathers came to America for was religous freedom. Besides a "black" muslim democrat in office is better than George W. any day.

Paul Demorris

Obama, where this guy realy come from?????


He definitely isn't Muslim or ever was. He was raised by his mother and grandparents, both from Kansas, and his father was not around very much. But even Mccain thinks that.


Lets not forget. EVEN if you dont want to admit it. THE FACT IS that you are at birth what you parents practice. Bottom line. Until such a time when you can make a decision for yourself. I dont care if he has renounced it. The fact is he should have maned up and admitted

"Yes. this IS how i was, born, But it makes no difference, Because i am a man true to my self."

But thats not the path he choose. Instead he chose to lie to us. already.

Come As you are. If you think you are strong enough to lead this country then you should hide no fault. Not Change everything about you to seem "appealing"

im sry. this is not a BOY that i want in charge of this country. I want An ADULT who can face the truth about them selves. and Hide nothing. We are in a time where we do not need a someone who will tell us what ever we like to hear. But some one whose gonna tell us what we do not wanna hear. THE TRUTH. and sadly. Thats not been his platform. Stay ignorant to the facts if you want. But the truth is he is in NO way qualified to run this country. maybe in another 15 or 20 years he may be. But it is Insulting to EVERY man woman and child in this country that he will stand there and say he is ready.


"To deny that Baracks family would raise him in their beliefs is not logical."

What family? He never knew his natural father's family. His mom took him to Indonesia in 1967 and sent him back to live in Hawaii with her parents in 1971. He was in Indonesia for four years, and he attended a purportedly Catholic grammar school.

And OF COURSE the whole rationale for this ridiculous thread is to try to insinuate that Obama is a closet Muslim. Why else make the assinine claim that "Only Muslim children are named 'Hussein.'" Why else suggest that Obama's birth certificate would list Obama's religion as "Muslim"? Even if you believe the Area 51 stories about Obama's birth certificate being a forgery, we can see the form: there's no space for ANYBODY's religion on the form, not mom, dad, or child.


I think you are missing the point here, diogenes: Tom isn't claiming Barack was a practicing Muslim, but he *is* saying that Barack was raised as one. Just as someone could be raised by Christian parents in a Christian way, and yet not be a believer themselves when they get old enough to make that decision.
To deny that Baracks family would raise him in their beliefs is not logical. Of course they did. Whether or not Barack accepted those beliefs I think is evidenced by his adult life, and the church he joined. In other words, he *didn't*, and I disagree with the insinuation made by many that because he was raised by Muslims, he himself is a secret Muslim.
I think this is your real quarrel, diogenes, and I would agree with you on that point.


Say it as many times as you want, it doesn't make it so. Shout it from the mountaintops, it doesn't make it so. Spread it in a gazillion e-mails, it doesn't make it so.

You're wrong. Period.

Tom McMahon

Simply that Barack Hussein Obama Was Born And Raised A Muslim, and that his supporters simply need to Get Over It.


Check his birth certificate: it's Barack Hussein Obama. No one has come close to refuting that yet.

And sorry, Tommy, but you have nothing to back up your claim that he was born and raised a Muslim. Little kids don't truly profess any religion. Obama has never been a practicing Muslim.

But is is semi-comical and semi-sickening that you morons would think that even being touched my Islam in any way is a huge impediment to Obama's candidacy. Are we supposed to be scared of the booga-booga Muslims? Are we supposed to take a ridiculous leap in logic so that every Muslim is now a terrorist?

What exactly is your point, you narrow-minded pea-brained religious cretins?


Hooray! The troll thinks I'm an ignoramus! Isn't it funny how the Obama supporter claims the name of Diogenes the Cynic? I thought in Obama's world that cynicism was the real enemy.

Obama's name comes from البُراق, and can spelled either Barack or Buraq or any similar phonetic spelling. Is the "Hussein" part okay with you?

Tom McMahon

I just said that he was born and raised a Muslim, not that he's one now. Muslim father, Muslim step-father, what's so hard to understand here?


Uhhhhh, Jason, buddy? His name is BARACK Hussein Obama, and it's his name because it was his father's name, not because he's a Muslim. If your gene pool is so shallow that you think you can figure out a guy's religion based solely on his name, it's time to climb outta the pool, son.

And Lynn? Republicans think they can do anything they want, as long as there are ignoramusses like Jason who will swallow all the crap the Rovians hand out.

Chris Dickson

BO will never tell the truth about anything because "that's above his pay grade!"


All the proof I need about Obama's religion is that the name he answers to is "Buraq Hussein Obama." If he had truly renounced Islam, he would have renounced the name.

Lynn Eleazer.net

Let me see the proof that Obama is a muslim is based on the notion that is step father lisetd this on a document. Are yo kidding me. So we are holding Obama responsible for a decision that his stepfather made when he was in 1st grade. In his adult life, has he been a Muslim? I don't hink that I have heard that. The rebulicans can't have it both ways linking him to a a christian church and linking him to Muslims.. which one is it?


Problem is, Tommy, that you HAVE no truth, inconvenient or otherwise, on your side. Obama posted his birth certificate. And he also had to use it to obtain a passport. So you got squat.

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