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Abercrombie Paris

qui se soucie si Joe ou quelqu'un d'autre est payé foir aider lors de l'élection Sams ... J'ai travaillé comme un signe bénévoles de placement et de telles mais si un homme peut gagner de l'argent en faisant ce qu'il peut quoi de puis le problème, les gens ne me dérange pas Bushy se faire payer, et ils havent réduire le salaire de obammys non plus ...


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Herve leger

Sarge makes the case, albeit inadvertently, for much stricter drug laws...


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Tom McMahon

Sarge makes the case, albeit inadvertently, for much stricter drug laws.


sarge here, I think the rush blue pill trip is a nod to a flight to a certain country known for the availability of young boy toys... that would be the main point...pedophelia...and oxycontin fired impotence all at the same time. btw whats with this man colter lady? she looks like a gawky teenage boy to this old sarge. what is it about conservatives and basking in the dim light of the closet?

Rush Limbaugh had an affair? Or is he a Democratic vice presidential prospect? Which would be the bigger scandal?

John Foust

What's the bigger story: Haggard announcing he's not gay (again), or if Haggard someday announces he's gay or bisexual? Did Rush ever do a press conference on his blue-pill trip to warmer climes? Where's the inquiry into what form of protection was or wasn't used by Young or Edwards? Was this a contraceptive failure?

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