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Danny Vice

When we posted this story in Dec. 2007 (and we certainly weren’t the only blog to do so) the article was hit about 6,000 times, leading me to believe that it was absolutely newsworthy with or without Edward’s admission. After all - all the same elements are there. Not much has changed in a half a year.

The fly in the ointment here though is that is shows pretty plainly how bent the media is. Oh yeah, I know, they’ll cover liberal goofs when they absolutely have to. The cable news networks are forcing them to cover all sorts of things they didn’t want to cover before....

However the newspapers - like the NY Times will splash an unproven, story about McCain alleged affair all over the front page, while the Edwards story (which has had sources, photos, witnesses and the woman’s allegations) was flatly ignored.

Now the liberal press proports “he’s not running for anything, why does it matter?”

Well, the story happened when he was running for something - he then was a viable VP candidate and lastly, yes, he STILL in active in the political process, stumping for Obama.

To say it’s not a legitimate, serious story is pure nonsense - and since I seriously doubt Edwards is coming clean about the child being his, it will continue to be a story.

Danny Vice

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