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Talking about pigs, I didn't know pigs are intelligent :) but its worth investing on pigs. I need to explore this site, the archives looks tempting.

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I don’t really see the Obama-Othello connection, other than the obvious race thing.

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I don't understant the message of the article !!!

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Me neither understand...What the topic means? Is that a sarcasm ??? Maybe?


Lipstick on a pig? I didn't understand what you wanted to say with the name of the blog and the picture


i love you post

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The dew shall weep thy fall to-night

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With around 2 billion on the planet, domestic pigs are also by far the most numerous pig species.Pigs are omnivores, and despite their reputation for gluttony, they are generally social and very intelligent animals.


Very clever. Hows that working out for ya? Bein Clever.

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