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Taobao English

* be happy together is good enough. I am not asking for things that I could never get.

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Life is a struggle, accept it.

Mark Douglas

This may come as a shock, but like most Lee "facts" this one about Lee being offered command is possibly a gross exaggeration.

The only other person present at the meeting between Scott and Lee, gave an entirely different version.

Scott never claimed he offered command to Lee, and Lee never claimed that to his family, nor ever wrote about it.

General Thomas, who was at the meeting, shows clearly no such offer was made by Scott.

However, Montgomery Blair met with Lee, earlier that day or the day before, and HE might have sounded out Lee about it. Blair however, never claimed this, nor did Lee.

What we do know for sure, is that Lincoln DID give Lee a promotion to full colonel, as part of a number of promotions Lincoln approved.

Lee immediately accepted this promotion, by the way. Lincoln simply signed the promotion, and never met with Lee. Lee might have seen Lincoln at a reception given a day or two after Lee's promotion.

It's very possible people have twisted Lincoln's promtion of Lee to full colonel, with some sort of offer to command.

There is no proof at all that Lee was offered command. There is proof he was promoted to full colonel.

Would Lincoln liked to have Lee on his side? Of course, Lincoln was desperate for political support anywhere, especially Virginia and Kentucky.

Lee's myths are legion, and it's proper to question them all. For example, we are told endlessly that Lee freed his slaves, and that his slaves so loved him, some stayed on for years despite being free.

That is an absurd myth, totally disproven. Lee was actually a cruel slave master, who regularly tortured his slaves, including young slave women. Lee's slaves detested him, and most ran away, despite the threat of torture and death.

Lee regularly sold the infants born to the slaves Lee inherited, but could not sell.

Lee paid six times the normal bounty for the capture and torture of one young girl, and then apparently sold the girl's infant child, as extra punishment.

But polished up, Lee's myth would have you believe just the opposite.

It could be Lee was offered command -- but since virtually everything else about him has been hyped or just lied about, the command thing could be like that.

Again, there has never been reliable evidence that Lee was offered command. In fact, the only people at the meeting between Scott and Lee, claimed otherwise.

Posted by: Mark Douglas

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