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True, but this is surely an argument for better figures, not for a ban on trading.

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Ces rapports commerciaux sont vraiment excitant. J'aime l'impression que vous avez choisi la liberté. LOVE IT! J'aime aussi la sélection de tomates qui ressemble un peu à imprimer souches Orla K's. Très belle, Erin.

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Took me awhile to read all the comments, but I really love the article

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Mister Dog Ice Cream Here. How do I get to Indianapolis? The swat team is in Ohio. I like the cucumbers they grow.


"McCain and Palin are being dragged down by Dow Jones, not Barack Obama."

When McCain loses in November, and I strongly believe he will, that will be the worst lesson that Republicans could try to take away from this election. Just like they seemed to learn the wrong lessons after 2006 which resulted in the McCain candidacy.

They thought that the Democrats winning in 2006 meant that Republicans had to be more liberal, and more populist. Listen to all the McCain proposals... they're all very liberal. More government action, more spending, more this, more that. Bush is doing the same.

McCain is losing because he's not talking directly to the majority of responsible home owners, and telling them that if he were President, he wouldn't tax and punish the ant to save the grasshopper.

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