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Different levels of detail for different types of memory?


You're right. After all, what are you going to believe, internet lore or your lying eyes?

Tom McMahon

But where's your video? The still photo means nothing.


So, wait, a couple of people in the comments express their desire to have flipped off Hillary, which proves Obama really did it, even though he clearly has more than one finger raised at the moment you think he held up just one?

Tom McMahon

A couple of comments culled from that post:

I’m sorry, but I think every middle finger in this country should be raised in Hillary Clinton’s honor right now.

Quite frankly if he gave her the finger it would increase my willingness to vote for him. Why? Because the simple fact is that I, too, want to flip her off and often do vicariously when I flip off my TV.

You can't just label a video "false" just because you want it to be. Capper tried to do the same sort of thing on the Sheldon Wasserman debacle.




What else you got?

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