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He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

Karen S.

Yikes! My mother-in-law thinks this whole Santa-and-the-Baby-Jesus thing is the best Christmas idea since the Star of Bethlehem. SO SHE BUYS ALL THIS CRAP FOR US! Frankly, it all gives me the chills.

Incidentally, my MIL's parish has also bought into this Kneeling Santa thing. Their 5:00pm children's Mass on Christmas Eve now concludes with someone dressed as Santa taking off his cap, walking down the aisle, and kneeling before the manger - reenacting the scene in the figurine. Every Christmas, she goes on & on about wonderful it is. My husband & I jokingly refer to it as their "Santa Mass." Thank goodness our kids are grown, so she no longer nags us to bring them to it.

Nick, your well-stated comment nails it. I will share that with my brother, a pastor, who just can't stand this whole Kneeling Santa thing.


Help me remember my scripture would you?

Did Santa bring Jesus the gold, frankincense, myrrh, or the Tonka dump truck?

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