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Everyone when in childhood has a dream, the imagination of freedom fly in the sky.


I don't think "idiot" is fair. I think her Great White North accent works against her. And, because she's younger and attractive that she's getting stereotyped as ditzy. She's been a great governor and is arguably more qualified than B.O. ... But, she's certainly had her missteps! A hostile national media is no walk in the park.

But, it all means practically nothing. The MSM always goes after the Republican VP like this. See "Wimp" Bush (41), "Idiot" Quayle, "Darth Vader" Cheney.

Tom McMahon

Yes, as opposed to The Smartest Man In The History of the World, who keeps nominating tax evaders to cabinet positions.


Really, Tom. She's unable to answer simple questions and comes across as an absolute idiot, and that is somehow bias on Gibson's part? Regardless if he has pencils in his nostrils.

btw: Most golf pencils are green or blue. The ones you drew look more like birthday candles.

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