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FirstnameLast Name

twokats wins, McMahon is still the dumb partisan he was when I quit reading him last time. See ya.


I'm just saying that he is the same person with the same history, but, as far as I can tell, this particular story didn't matter until he changed parties.


Dave is being sarcastic, by the way, just in case someone couldn't figure it out :)

Dave M

Of course not! Conservative bloggers have NEVER been critical of Arlen Specter in the past!

Tom McMahon

If Arlen Specter had remained a Republican, I probably would have done a post about Phil Spector instead.


Does it really matter, twokats? Specter is a self-serving whore who matters not what's best for the public but instead what's best for himself.


Would you have posted this if he were still a Republican?

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