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agreed! The pretty, the pretty! I want to read all these books now.

Tom McMahon

No, it's work, not Twitter, that's been keeping me busy.

And I agree: If we're not going by judicial knowledge then bust size seems as good a criterion as any . . .

Bruce Oksol

When I didn't see a new posting the last couple of days, I started getting worried.

I thought it might be that you were busy....and you said you were, but I guess what really diverted you from these boards was twitter....

I signed up for twitter months ago, then left (it didn't satisfy my needs), but now that you are there...maybe, try it again....

Yes, isn't it remarkable that it is a foregone conclusin that judicial knowledge really doesn't matter, but then the American voter has declared that experience is not needed for the highest job in the land. The Obama administration can read the polls as well as anyone....experience and qualifications no longer matter.

The airplane crash in Buffalo is proving that also.....

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