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Honny Reb

"The left" is nice talk for "socialists."

Murdering people is what socialists do best. It's how they maintain their systems of fear and obedience.

The US will learn this lesson the hard way.


I lived in Cambridge and then Boulder through that era. Politically, I have always been a conservative but I knew so many radical liberals I thought I was just "different." When I saw so-called "Beat" poets, Allen Ginsberg and Anne Waldman, join the Sandinistans in Nicaraugua and helped them start their "Ministry of Writing" I knew for sure that these people were TRAITORS!


I'm sorry I got caught up in the anti-war movement. We're ultimately responsible for more deaths in SE Asia than the USA was. My epiphany was the movie, The Killing Fields. I grew up and became a conservative after that. The same reason people like Stalin, Hitler, and Saddam Hussein ever got a foothold on leadership is because useful idiots like anti-war protesters gave them power in the name of peace.


Or Hanoi Jane, for that matter.

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