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Paul Graham: "Lord Acton said we should judge talent at its best and character at its worst. For example, if you write one great book and ten bad ones, you still count as a great writer-- or at least, a better writer than someone who wrote eleven that were merely good. Whereas if you're a quiet, law-abiding citizen most of the time but occasionally cut someone up and bury them in your backyard, you're a bad guy."

Jay Bullock, sadly you've thrown in your lot with the bad guys. Sad and disappointing. And please don't play dumb. You're just digging the hole deeper.


Really? What was it that tipped you off to my misogyny? Was it my primary vote for Hillary Clinton? My repeated insistence that I'd like to see Senator Baldwin when Herb Kohl retires? My post last fall bemoaning the number of women elected to office in Wisconsin and exhorting my readers to support (financially and otherwise) more than a dozen women candidates for the legislature?

I'm not really sure what gave it away. Any help you could give would be appreciated.

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