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Between NFL MNF & discovering several friends are supporters of the murderous IRA, my Obama-supporting friends seem more normal right now

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87*/*There are thankfully no monkeys on Pulau Hantu. ideas for Shayna, leave a comment! ''&


Men understand logical and spatial reasoning better then women for the most part. Why? Men engage them more effectively, brains are better at it, evolution favored men who were good at it because it is important for hunting and group efforts like shelter construction. Women are better at social skills, their genetic success is partly determined by their place in the social group, and social skills are very important to achieving social standing.

Women's brains engage in social situations more efficiently and their interpersonal emotional structure is more complicated, which makes them seem crazy and difficult to understand for men.

Men are more task oriented in their thinking and relationships. Men find purpose in what they do to a greater extent then women, and what people do often engages logical and spacial reasoning. Men learn about it more then women as it is more meaningful to them. Learning is an active process.

So, i did generalize a lot, but many (though not all) of my generalization are based on research I have done. Notice also that i discuss the differences on several levels, each level explores different facets of the cause. If I knew more about neuroscience i could have talked about the differences in the brains more as well.

Honny Reb

Math is sooooo Phallo-centric, you know? These days, like, it's emotional intelligence that matters. I went to college and studied, like, oh my God, sociology and gender studies, so I know everything now. I'm a single mother of two, now, and I have an iPod, so, like, you know, why do I need math?

Oh well, gotta go now, my shift at Starbucks is about to start. We're playing Joan Baez over the sound system today, it's like, soooo cool. I got a new Obama pin to wear, too, it's like, oh my god! so cool too!


How were the scores for the undecideds?

Bruce Oksol

This is amazing, after all the money, time and effort to get the women's scores up there with the men.

I'm glad all that Title IX money has improved athletics for the women; at least something worked.

The men haven't done much better (on the SAT math scores); the men have actually dropped off a bit and now appear to be in a plateau. I assume the questions have gotten tougher over the years because the kids sure seem to be studying more.

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