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n Alinskian political warfare, into which Letterman was drafted,

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12/30/2009 Dave insults again. It time he is forced off the air. My husband will not watch him. It seems like personal assault on Sara Palin


In Alinskian political warfare, into which Letterman was drafted, the enemy is destroyed by false accusations and by slander. Any personality that rises out of the targeted country as a populist hero is seen as especially dangerous. They and all who identify with them must be destroyed ASAP so that the levelling of society and its reshaping into a socialist antfarm tyranny can be advanced at quantum leaping speed.


If Letterman was talking about Bristol(and I have my doubts), a proper apology would acknowledge he wrongly pulled an 18 year old noncombatant into the spotlight; would acknowledge he wrongly subjected her to ridicule and scorn. David Letterman cannot admit, to himself or to the nation, he was intentionally cruel to an 18 year old noncombatant; cannot admit he was wrong to subject a noncombatant to ridicule and scorn.

I don't understand why a joke about pulling Alex Rodriguez off of an 18 year old girl is acceptable. Bristol Palin is not in politics. She's never made political speeches. She claps and cheers: yea Mom!, and that's it. It's not right to go after a civilian; a noncombatant. It wouldn't be right if she were 48 years old.

It's not justified b/c she had a child. She's a civilian. It's not justified.

It's not justified b/c she attempts to do the right thing by speaking out about the difficulties of being an unwed mother; it's not justified because she attempts to do the right thing via representing teen abstinence. Is this what comedy is? If you are 18, and you try to positively influence teenaged girls, then we will rip into you?

It was only justified, in Letterman's and his audience' minds, by Sarah Palin being a rube. Thus it was not justified at all.

Bruce Oksol

I used to enjoy Letterman, but he has become downright mean.

I don't watch him any more.


Give it a rest. It was obvious he made an error and was talking about Bristol...the actual slutty teenage parent.

It doesn't matter anyway. By the time Palin runs in 2012, Willow will be an unwed mom too.


CBS will have to find another lefty before they drop Old Dave.

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