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Noumenon, I hope that someday you get to work for somebody who inspires the kind of loyalty that Romney and Gay did. Heck, I hope that I get to work for somebody like that. If you read the article again, you'll see that they were asked, not ordered, to help in the search.

As for Obama, I heard he gave a great speech once.


From your description, I would have assumed the Globe sat on it as a favor to Romney. If my boss shut down my company and told us all to do a personal favor for his friend's kid, I'd be pissed at him acting like he was some king. Especially if the kid was doing something irresponsible like ecstasy and it was their own fault.


"Has Obama done anything like this" you ask. Why just last week he stopped the Justice Department from prosecuting poor misunderstood black youths who did nothing worse than get politically involved last election day. Oh sure, they used billy clubs and threatening language. Just exercising their first and second amendment rights.

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