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Arranged for the relatives of the meeting, reminding Ozcan kanserlilerle hematologic disease can not be prevented, meeting relatives of patients with disease-fighting, facing difficulties, nutrition and the harmful things that explained how korunulacağının said.


Remove it from the loud sound described as among the People of the individual during sleep, especially in the medical sense, the most common cause of snoring soft palate observed in adults, little more than normal growth of the tongue, the muscles sag and tension and blockage of the airway during sleep, losing little of the language titresmesidi

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Bruce Oksol

An even better example is screening for prostate cancer.

The evidence is clear cut that there is no reason to screen for prostate cancer and yet urologists recommend screening begin at age 40. Family practice physicians recommend screening to begin at age 50 or 55.

And studies show no evidence that screening makes any difference.

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