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And yet, once upon a time--within living memory for some--walkable communities were the norm. Perhaps they had some support with streetcars and busses, but affordable walkable communities can exist.

What's different now? Lots, but here are the most salient points:

1. The rise of liberalism and its soft on crime/hard on justice attitudes means that criminals have fewer disincentives. Liberalism also relativizes crime, so that now it's no longer the criminals' fault that they commit crime: it's their environment that's to blame.

2. Massive, unsustainable levels of immigration, especially from the Third World, has not only greatly increased the demand for housing, but has also simultaneously decreased societal trust of strangers and increased crime (because blacks, Hispanics, and SE Asians--the Third World immigrants--are more prone to crime than whites or NE Asians).

There's more, but that's just off the top of my head.

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