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foch kusuma

She can Weather my Channel any day of the week.and a hour glass figure to boot.


I would guess those are 36Ds. perfect.

big boy

boy, she sure has a nice pair of tittie, wonder if she will let me fit between those 38 C's


"I assume you have no daughters?" I am always amused when people argue lazy and sloppy. 1. Lazy: they dump a statement in your lap and you are expected to assemble their point for them. The unspoken assumption is that if one has daughters, they are not allowed to be attracted to this woman.
2. Sloppy: the argument makes no sense. Seriously? Am I not supposed to be attracted to this woman's breasts because I have a daughter?
Once we do Jim's work for him and piece together his argument, it becomes apparent how thin his point actually is. Having brought the light of reason to bear on this ludicrous reasoning, the response is obvious: I assume you have no testicles. Or does the wife keep them hanging from her rear view mirror?

Tom McMahon

I assume you have a point?


I assume you have no daughters?


- So, was that a Force 36D hurricane?

- The rain should make for a great wet t-shirt contest!

- She's just trying to titillate the viewers.

- After the filming, she really got into her cups.

I got a million of 'em!

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