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...while Demjanjuk volunteered for his corps' evil, cruel work...


There is absolutely NO proof of that! Not ONE of the witnesses can remember Demjanjuk being in the Sobibor camp.

They are describing conditions at the camp withOUT testifying that Demjanjuk had any hand in what happened. They are HOPING that Demjanjuk is found guilty without any proof; just from descriptions of the horror.

Using that as "proof" then Bialowitz is just as "guilty."

Jordynne Olivia Lobo

"[W]hy isn't Philip Bialowitz also on trial for helping out the Nazis at the Sobibor Death Camp?"

Because Bialowitz labored involunarily under duress, under compulsion, while Demjanjuk volunteered for his corps' evil, cruel work - part of which was to compel Bialowitz and his fellows to labor involuntarily.

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