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tiffany & coスウォッチ グループ ジャパンはこのほど、東京?銀座のニコラス?G?ハイエック センター内に「ティファニー ウォッチ ショールーム」をオープンした。男性向けの「アトラス ジェント スクエア クロノグラフ」、女性向けの「ティファニー ジェメア」をはじめ、希少性の高いアイテムも展示、販売される。Tiffany Rings


His obituary in the liberal world:

Timothy Treadwell loved bears. In living among them for 13 years he grew to understand them. He nurtured them for he loved their untamed habits. During his many caring expeditions into their sacred territory, they became friendly, almost affable in his company. He named them according to the time-honored liberal ritual of giving all bears warm, fuzzy, cuddly, names. He firmly believed he was their protector, and unleashed torrents of well deserved hatred upon anyone who dared question his tried and true liberal beliefs about nature and wild animals. Eventually, the bears came to love him and treat him like an equal.

Until the day the one he named George W. Bush attacked and ate him.

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