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Funny that you received that mail this morning. They must of spammed everyone. Received the same mail here in Europe today.

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Well, I try to understand what motivated MacKenzie-King's actions. From what we know now, he was a "mama's boy" who, when his mother died, was basically alone in life. Though he never married or, as far as we know, had a girlfriend, he did patronize prostitutes. It seems that the only two individuals he felt close to throughout his life were his mother and his dog. So in some ways it's not surprising that he "held on" to them even, figuratively speaking, even after their deaths. I think his talking to his mother and dog was in some ways a way to cope with the loneliness he felt. Anyway, this is just my interpretation, so others might think differently.

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I got up this morning and feel fine, because I received a gift from my parents.This is Birkenstock Sandals.I am happy. Thanks for god giving me a beautiful day.

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He is an avid photographer and is currently pursuing his MA in Theological Studies. He is excited to bring his passion for customer service and community to Meetup.

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Congrats dave!
I am still worried that you might need to wear floaties for the swimming leg, but keep up the good work.***

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Remember, according to law, the "food" in an add does not have to be edible or even the same food the company is selling.

In photographs, real ice cream is rarely used because it melts under the lights. What is used? Mashed potatoes are substituted because they look like a reasonable facsimile and hold up well under lights.

Photos of mouth-watering Thanksgiving turkeys are actually raw turkeys, painted to look cooked ("juicy and golden brown!") with a small portion cooked with a blow torch for the cutting shot.

It's not a lie; it's advertising!

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I think for a better comparison, you should find an ad picture from 2010.

The pictures in ads have always made the food look meatier - generally more desirable - when compared to real life.

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