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A loving relationship makes one so much attached to the other, that one gets pained if his/her beloved is hurt! Love also involves a physical element. Friendship does not have that. This is a vital difference. Nature gives us love so that the specie can go forward. Nature does not give us friendship.

Ken Van Doren

Is this blog by the same Tom McMAhon who used to be at KFYI Phoenix?

Ken Van Doren

Sorry that argument does not work with me. I love it when some butthead calls me racist because of my criticism or our current liar-in-chief. My call to list all those other racists who more or less agree with me. People like
Tom Sowell, Walter Williams. Rev. David King, Alam Keyes, Anne Wortham, all blacker than the Great Pretender, any one of which would make a better president.

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LOL at the picture.. :D

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