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All the comedies I've done have been hard to film. Film is an anomalous environment for it because you don't know whether they're gonna laugh or not. So you're doing this stuff in total silence. Also comedy is hard to master. In theater when you do a comedy, you rehearse for a few weeks and you begin to feel the rhythm. In film it's an arbitrary rhythm usually that has to look like a truthful one to work. It's very pressured and difficult. I'm not complaining, I've been in some of the best comedies ever made. But I have never been on the set for a comedy where you don't feel like you were in trouble all the time. This is true of bad comedies I've been in and the good ones. You're just exhausted.


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1. Red Hot Chili Peppers-worst band ever. And you can hear them three times in an hour.

2. U2-Sing the same tune over and over. Thats twice too many.

3. Bon Jovi-US is not NJ.

4. Dylan-needs to work on his protesting style.

5. Rolling Stones barely beats out the Beatles. Because I can't stand it no no more.

Most underrated band of all time is The Animals. Tell'em Redd Foxx.


You are a fans radio ever?

Rico Dittmer

1.)Bruce Springsteen: how does a Jersey boy end up with a southern drawl...I guess the same way Bob Dylan did...

2.) Green Day: pretending to be angry british punkers produces decades of like sounding songs.

3.) Ke$ha: this is a no-brainer...I'm not referring to my choice, I mean Ke$ha

4.)Black Eyed Peas: Singing with what can only be described as faux cred.

5.) Miley Cyrus: god-awful voice singing god-awful songs. And the music industry wonders why it is tanking???


As long as we're talking genres and not groups...

1. Rap
2. Anything rap-derived, like hip-hop
3. R&B (oh yeah baby, you know I "love" you...)
4. Grunge
5. Metal

Let's hear more Andy Williams, Bobby Darin, Bing Crosby, and, the king of them all--Perry Como!


1)anything from zepplin.
2)seals and croft.need i say more?
3)the who.i don't get it.
4)ccr.yes i've heard it rain.
5)rap.i really don't get it nor do i want to.
6)extra credit.
leonard nimoy


Great question.

I actually enjoy U2, Pink Floyd and some Eagles songs. But, I have not had a combined 80 years of listening to each.

The only group I can add to the overdone Beattles and Stones is Queen. How did these guys ever get past their garage?


Three letters:

Jordynne Olivia Lobo

Tom, I ask that everyone be allowed to vote to expand your perfect list to six, so that I - we, I hope - can add Elvis to it.

Are you just as beyond fed up as I am with every last permutation that's been wrung-out and beaten on and from and about Elvis - including the creepy impersonator industry? After all, we've endured just 48 years of Beatles - but fifty-five of Elvis.

Tom, if you won't add a sixth spot to your list, then I expect I'll be like Johnny Mathis: "It's Not For Me To Say."


KC and the Sunshine Band: Where are those knitting needles?
Eminem: Does his vocabulary consist soley of the F word?
The Greatful Dead: SF Bay Area dope-heads loved them but no one else did.
The Dixie Chicks: The Ditsy Chicks - fits perfectly.
The Archies: Sugar, Sugar was a snappy tune but it's over.

Commenting on The Beatles. When you think about it, they still command a presence in the music world. Think of all the groups that have come and gone for those 50 years. And we still remember The Beatles. Not bad.

I agree with the Pink Floyd choice, too - they were always overrated.

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