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John Galt, Esq

Uh, why wouldn't the Filipinos hang by themselves and speak Tagalog?

It beats hanging out with a bunch of fat, dumpy, Prozac-sucking white people who whine about their divorces and talk about their cats incessantly.


I saw this firsthand when I worked for Chevron just out of high school. I worked in a company-owned service station.

We were in a predominantly white neighborhood but got some transfers from a large city close by. The kids were mostly from the western and southwestern part of the PacRim. Most were good kids and I was pleased to have them. But they all spoke either chinese or a variation of it and that didn't sit well wit the customers. Just for the record, the county was, and still is, very liberal.

They were also heavily into gambling. The manager was also asian and would look the other way on their gambling activities, even though it was a strict violation of company policy. They hid it from me when the manager wasn't around.

Net weakness.

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