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I don't believe there was enough evidence to prompt the DA's action. What I said:

The other piece of weirdness at the court house is the seizure of a computer from the office of Chris Liebenthal, a county employee who blogs under the name of Capper, based on a flimsy complaint from Citizens for Responsible Government, a conservative group that helped elect Scott Walker as county exec. Liebenthal is a relentless critic of Walker on his blog, Cognitive Dissidence, and another site he runs, Milwaukee County First.

The right-wing CRG folks, in an attempt to silence Liebenthal or maybe get him fired, filed a complaint charging him with posting political blog items on taxpayer time. The examples they offered, when he appeared to post items during normal work hours, were furlough days or days he had taken off, as he actually had explained on the Internet.

It's time to give Lielenthal his computer back and let him get back to work -- maybe with an apology from the DA.

John Foust

Really? I don't recall any particular call for the DA to abandon the investigation, much less a preponderance of those you mention. And where did Capper proclaim his innocence? On Cognitive Dissonance, he said "I am sure most of you have heard or seen the allegations that have been leveled against me. I'm not going to comment about them. I'm sure you can understand why."

What I did see is that CRG didn't perform the simplest culling of the posts, subtracting away known days of furlough and holidays. For that matter, if they were the least bit journalist-like, they would've requested Capper's vacation day records, and removed those from the list where they're claiming he would've been at the office. Sloppy work, wouldn't you agree? And for a group that (correctly) applauds openness and watchdog-ism, why hasn't CRG released the full text of their complaint? Let the world judge and play at home, too.

Once an investigation or arrest is in play, the suspect should shut up. They have nothing to gain by proclaiming their innocence or guilt. He has no obligation to fuel your interest in his situation.

We do also have a Milwaukee County supervisor who asked to see the Internet surfing records of Scott Walker's office staff, after it was revealed that a staffer was performing campaign-related promotion of the boss on company time. Walker's response? That'll cost $400 to $800 to research.

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