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Supra Indy Footwear

good job

MBT Online

I just realized I'll still be typing next week if I keep talking about the great stuff we've gotten, so I'm going to list it!

HTTP Viewer

Cool!! =D Love that drawing.. ^^,


This was back when we had real leaders as presidents. Lately, we've had incompetents.

The liberals need illegal aliens so they can have a truly poor lower class. The "poor" in the U.S. aren't really poor. When Mrs. Bitterman went to a soup kitchen, all of the "homeless" there were taking pictures of the first lady, with their cellphones!

That's why the liberals need the illegals; the standard of living in this country is so high, the "poor" aren't buying the socialist dogma like they used to. So, they get the illegals in to have more of the "unwashed masses" that are susceptible to the socialist lies.

The republicans want the illegals for cheap labor.

You'd think that the labor unions would be against the RINOs and the democrats on this issue, but...no. They just see the illegals as a vast untapped territory of union dues.

Meanwhile, the real citizens just get screwed.

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