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Jonathan Walker

P.P.S. not that British radio / radar hardware was by any means bad. The Battle of Britain proved that. In addition GEC developed the proximity fuse used for ack-ack and artillery air bursts and Messrs Randall and Boot invented the magnetron valve that enabled centrimetric radar, which helped everywhere, but especially in the Battle of the Atlantic. Two more reasons for Goering to say what he said.

Jonathan Walker

Sorry, that shoud read "distance measurements"

Jonathan Walker

With regard to radio Goering was probably not praising UK radio sets - of which he probably had little or no experience. Rather, he would be lamenting the knack of British experts to counter the German beam navigation systems, almost immediately in some cases - and then come up themselves with "Oboe" which couldn't be jammed because it was based on distant measurements not beams. See R.V. Jones Most Secret War, US title The Wizard War.

James Ensor

Under interrogation at Nuremburg, Goering claimed that he had opposed war with the US and Russia but did not mention Poland. He warned Hitler about the US industrial potential. He suggested that Detroit motor plants could build planes and that the air force, though small would soon expand.

Hitler and Goering discussed Molotov`s proposal that the Soviet Union should be allowed to occupy Romania and attack Finland again. Hitler was adamant that the loss of Finnish nickel and Romanian oil and the threat to Swedish iron ore was intolerable. Goering wanted to permit it in the hope that Britain would then declare war on the Soviet Union, also.

Over the US, Hitler said that the US naval attacks on German U-boats had created a state of war and that it should now be confirmed. Goering felt that Germany should accept any humiliation to avoid war.

Both expected the US to concentrate on Japan and were shocked at the speed of US re-armament. They were amazed that Kaiser could build a Liberty ship in 10 days when in Germany it would take months.

Winston Churchill realised from the outset that only US participation could win the war and e spared no effort to persuade Roosevelt to antagonise the Germans and Japanese to the point of war.


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Didn't Goering say that if one bomb fell on Berlin, he'd eat his hat?


No. He actually said if one bomb fell on Berlin, you could call him "meier." The populace asked, "Where is Hermann Meier?" The air raid sirens in Berlin were soon named "Meier's Hunting Horns."

Payback's a bitch.

I'm not sure about the British radios, though. After the war, the Germans made much better audio equipment than anyone in the world, until the Japanese got into the act in the 60s and 70s.

I think he was just angry that the US was becoming the Arsenal of Democracy and freeing up resources in Britan (and around the world) to allow their own R&D to see real results. If Britan had to fight Germany on her own, D-Day would have been impossible. To be sure, the follow-ons to the Merlin engine were already being planned but those funds would have been needed elsewhere had the US not been involved. The victory in WWII truly was a team effort.

fog mcgonnigle

Did not know deHaviland and Fontaine were sisters.

Didn't Goering say that if one bomb fell on Berlin, he'd eat his hat?

He also said that when he saw fighters over Berlin on escort, he knew the war was over.

I always thought he was as gung-ho as his boss, but I read a bit on him and he was actually against the invasion of Poland. He seemed to know that it would end badly and he was one of the few willing to push back a bit on his boss--to no avail. He figured (correctly) that the war would end his rock-star lifestyle and his lucrative, corrupt position in government.

Also of interest: Goering landed his WWI fighter next to the plane of a man he had shot down. He gave the wounded pilot his iron cross out of some chilvary. That iron cross was given to his nephew, who was an American aviator in WWII in the 8th air force. So Goering's nephew bombed Germany with Hermann Goering's WWI iron cross in his vest pocket! It doesn't get any weirder than that folks! Great stuff as always, Tom. --fog

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