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I once got into a "discussion" with a woman who had 8 children out of wedlock, was unemployed, and was angry that she didn't get enough money on welfare to give her kids everything they needed.

I asked why she didn't work and she replied that she wanted to stay home with her kids. (Her choice)

I asked why she had so many children out of wedlock if she could not afford to feed and clothe them and she replied that she loved her kids. (again, her choice)

So, it was everyone else's fault that she was struggling financially while having no job and breeding repeatedly. There is no logic that can address the emotional liberal.


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Jason in San Diego

You probably shouldn't have called him stupid.

My problem with the repeal of DADT is that it moves the responsibility from the person who chooses to live outside of the norm, to others who live inside the norm. I am no longer held accountable for my behavior, instead you are given the additional burden of having to tolerate my behavior.

The most important component of DADT is "Don't Ask." The institution is not allowed to challenge your sexual preference. If it truly is no business of mine what you do in your bedroom--don't put it in my face!

Repealing DADT legitimizes behaviors that will reduce unit cohesion. The whole purpose of basic training is to strip the individual of his individuality and make him a functional component of a team. Allowing gays to serve openly prevents this. Let's assume for the sake of argument that 10% of the population is gay. That means that your team now has nine men who belong and one who doesn't, but has to be kept.

I'm willing to concede that by being over 40, maybe I'm out of touch with society. God, I hope so, because I can't see how this will do anything but weaken our already politically impotent fighting forces.


logic is useless here. I've been banned from sites for pointing out the obvious. (Objectivist in my case). Looks like you had a blast.. 80% of my meaningless statistic wholeheartedly approves!

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