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Athletes who all-too-obviously thank god when they win a game.

They only annoy him because they still vote democrat/socialist. If they were conservative, he would sick the ACLU on them and have the locker room declared a spiritual Love Canal.

Jason in San Diego

For the record, I know that you can see me picking my nose. I'm doing it with the intent of annoying you.


Oh, please! A liberal that finds Sarah Palin as only a "minor annoyance." Right.

If he would have listed them in order, Sarah Palin would have been numbers 1 thru 19.


You can be Republican, and still think Sarah Palin is a minor annoyance, on the same level as, say "Lights that are controlled by more than one switch" I mean, that's a pretty minor thing, isn't it?

(Not that I'm defending the guy. I've never even been to his site)

Tom McMahon

As another commenter said: "My number 1 annoyance is people who talk politics in places which I expect to be politics free. Are there no politics free zones left?
And here's a tip for you. Don't piss of potential paying customers by expressing your political views."


Simply because he labeled Sarah Palin a *minor* annoyance? If you agree with her views, I think its reasonable to see her as being annoying based purely on how much attention she's getting and how many shows she's on.

Its not like the man went off on a major tirade talking about how stupid or evil she was.

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