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Unfortunately, when there is conflict between the two of you, hoping that it will soon be resolved.


Let's just unite because we all have one and common goal. World peace for the entire human race.


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Yes, I have --

Her: A good friend of mine was the first captain of an all female fleet. She said it was well known who was gay and who wasn't...she was and this was known. Why can't people get past this?

Me (kinda with tongue-in-cheek): Here's the thing I've never heard anyone mention, but it's just common sense to me. I got out of the Army in 1984 -- things may have changed since then, but when I was in, men and women were quartered separately for obvious reasons. So, if ...straight men and women are given privacy from each other, then why should gays have the special privilege of sharing quarters with those to whom they may be sexually attracted? Why does no one ever talk about this? If you want to roll your eyes and say that we are all adults and should just get over it, then why should men and women be quartered separately? You can't have it both ways.

Her: I'm sure that you were in the presence of gay men in the Army in the 80's, in your high school boys locker room, and even at church. I can pretty much guarantee that if you've had a gym membership, you've been in the presence of gay men there as well.

Me: You've missed the whole point. Step back, and don't label everyone with a different viewpoint as a homophobe. (Whatever that's supposed to mean.) I've had gay friends, so I take offense at the implication. Take the words of my previous post... at face value. In other words, I mean just what I say. Where is the fairness in allowing gays to quarter with soldiers of the same sex? If I were gay and were quartered with other men, that would be a special privilege that straight people didn't enjoy.

My argument has nothing at all to do with whether or not gays should be allowed to openly serve. It's about equal treatment -- an issue that gays and gay advocates should be sensitive to.

Her: I believe some people's lives wouldn't be shortened if others would take an honest look at how their lifestyles really don't effect us...but our attitudes do effect theirs. And there are plenty of examples of this.

Me: I'm kind of frustrated here -- it almost seems like you are avoided the topic I've brought up. Isn't it all about equality? How would that be addressed?

Her: My point is that the gays have been there all along. Gays were in the military during WWII when my dad was a pilot. The one that he knew was an officer...just like the one in my original post. To address your point specifically, I have ...no problem with heterosexual people wanting their own quarters if that would make them more comfortable...but trust me Jude, they are already there and their accomplishments prove that they are there with the same purpose as anyone else...not to make the heterosexuals uncomfortable. And then what do we do to protect our heterosexual children from the gays in schools and churches. Do we provide separate quarters for them as well? And again...I apologize for messing up the posts...but I'm distracted with other activities as well and had only tried to make an addition that was important to me. I was in no way skirting your issue. Did I address it appropriately this time?

Me: The fact that gays have been involved in every facet of life since the beginning of time is not news to me. No, my issue has not been addressed. I'm saying that if I am in the military and gays are allowed to be open, then I want to be quartered with women. I want the same access to my sexual preference as gays have. To deny me that access is discriminatory.

I could care less if gays shower with me, bunk with me or whatever. I'm not afraid of homosexual advances. Now, I hope we are all clear on those points: I know gays are here, and I'm not afraid of them.

Do you understand my point now? It's very basic, if somewhat crude. The issue is sexuality which means the REAL issue is sex. So we straight people want our fair share as well. We want to see naked women in the shower and we want the opportunity to snuggle up to a warm woman at night. You can say it's juvenile, you can say it's crude, silly, whatever you want. The fact remains that it is a reality. Gays already have this advantage now, but if the military decides to openly accept gays, then they must address this issue.

Why can no one understand this? It's not complicated, it's about sex.

Her: Wow...I wish people would give as much consideration to the Gulf and the people who are in the middle of it getting sick with respiritory problems and lesions on their skin...in addition to the effects on the animals and environment over the next couple of decades. Perhaps if we could blame it on the gays instead of the deregulations and coverups by the republicans democrats and the greedy large corporations, we would get somewhere!!!

At this point I gave up. My attempt at humor (albeit with what I still maintain is a valid point,) had failed miserably.

John Foust

Where was this?

Maybe the person was on some form of medication after recent surgery.

Tom McMahon

No, J-Walk is fine. Not him.


OK. I have to ask. Was this j-walk?


It all started when my cousin's girlfriend led with, "Isn't it awful what happened to Senator Feingold?". My response, "Uh, no."

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